Why Get a Weekly or Monthly Rose Subscription?

September 01, 2020 1 min read

Premium Red Roses from the FlowerFix subscription

Roses symbolize love and beauty, so it is no surprise that these flowers are a major staple in bouquets and arrangements. These timeless and traditional flowers have been around for over 35 million years.  Although roses have been around for years they are still an indisputably classic flower, which makes them perfect for any floral arrangement.

Below are reasons why you should choose roses to give to that special someone or to incorporate into a special occasion:
  • Roses come in all shapes and sizes. If you aren’t in favor of a classic rose choose, petite spray roses, delicate sweetheart roses, or ruffled garden roses.
    premium pink rose subscription
  •  Roses come in just about every shade and color. Each rose color has its own symbolism. It’s simple to add meaning to your bouquet or arrangement by choosing a specific color to send to that special someone. 
  •  Roses are adaptable and versatile. Roses almost always complement any kind of flower in an arrangement or bouquet. Or, they look stunning and classic all by themselves. 
  • Roses are budget-friendly. Through our FlowerFix text offer subscription based plan, FlowerFix premium roses are offered as low as $39.99 for 20 stems! Fresh from our partner farms to your doorstep. 
fresh cut flowers delivered directly to your door

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