Pink Grapefruit Bright Flower Bouquet

  • $89.99

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Bright citrus colors are all the rage these days, and these fresh flowers remind us of a vibrant slice of grapefruit! Bi-colored pink garden roses and bi-colored pink and cream roses are the stars of the show in this flower bouquet with a unique mix of colors on every petal. At the same time, baby eucalyptus, pink ranunculus, and pink dianthus add hints of playfulness and give this arrangement some eye-catching texture. If you want to enjoy this impressive, couture flower arrangement in your home, all you have to do is order our flower delivery. We will send flowers directly from our farms and right to your doorstep. The variety of pink flowers in this bouquet deserves to be shown off to the world, so don't forget to order flowers for all your loved ones too! A little bit of zest is just what your tabletops needed, and these spunky blooms will do just the trick.

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