Let Your Hair Down Freedom Red Roses

  • $99.99

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These fresh red roses will give you the taste of freedom that you've been craving! Freedom roses are known for their swirling petals and beautiful red color. When you think of a classic red rose, THIS is probably what you are picturing! Each bloom consists of soft, sultry petals that create a beautiful cup-shaped flower. It's time to let your hair down, and allow yourself to stop and smell the roses. Create a gorgeous rose bouquet with these red flowers when you arrange them in a tall vase or send roses to a loved one to make their day! We send our fresh flowers right from our farms, straight to your doorstep, giving you the freedom to order flowers wherever and whenever your heart desires. You simply won't get tired of seeing these jaw-dropping blooms on your tabletops, so order your flower delivery today, and start enjoying the wonder of red roses as soon as possible!

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