Prized Possession Priceless Pink Roses

  • $94.99

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Hold on tight to these pretty pink roses, and never let go because they're about to become your newest prized possession! Each rose is a swirling picture of beautiful pink hues, with petals that get even more beautiful as they bloom and unfold. We'd pay just about anything to experience the ruffled petals of these fresh flowers, but you can enjoy them for an amazing price! Send roses to that special someone to tell them that they're "priceless" to you, or give your best friend a flower gift to remind them of their worth. If you aren't sending flowers someone else's way, use these blooms to arrange a rose bouquet for your dining room table or bedside table. Just order flowers online, and we can have this overflowing collection of roses on your doorstep, straight from our farms, in no time!

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