Deck The Halls DIY Flower Box

  • $109.99

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Level up your holiday decor and deck the halls with your very merry floral arrangement! It's that time of year to make holiday memories with the family, and we have the perfect activity for you! The Deck the Halls DIY Flower Box is full of fun festive flowers and fun textures. Green carnations, green dianthus balls, red and green metallic billy balls and silver tinted leather leaf greenery. It's the perfect activity to bring the family together and increase the holiday cheer, we will ship you everything you need. Order online and you will receive the flowers, supplies and an instructional design video with an AFID-certified floral designer to help you create your very holiday flower arrangement.

Supplies will include

  • Design Tray
  • 3 Pine Cone Picks
  • Oasis Foam
  • 2 Candle Holders 
  • 2 12" Red Taper Candles


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