Everything Nice Teacher Appreciation DIY Flowers Box

  • $69.99

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice can be found in this DIY flower box of colorful blooms. Yellow flowers and purple flowers are a match made in heaven, especially when complemented by subtle hints of pink. These DIY flowers include yellow, purple, and pink baby's breath, plus carnations and pom flowers in an array of delicate colors. We will send flowers and design tools to your doorstep, and will give you access to one of our pre-recorded floral design classes with a certified floral designer! With everything you need to start crafting fresh flower arrangements, you can add hints of personality and creative freedom to your masterpiece to make it one-of-a-kind. Unwind and enjoy a cozy night with just you and some flowers, or make a date out of it by including your best friend, special someone, or family in the DIY project! This is a perfect opportunity to give a gift to your children's amazing teachers! 

Supplies will Include

  • 3 pedestal bowls
  • Oasis Foam
  • Butterfly Accents
  • Glue Dots

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