Lavender Mystique DIY Flowers Box

  • $89.99

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We're in a daze just looking at these lavender roses and purple carnations. Do you want to create a DIY flower arrangement that you can call your own? The flower box comes with purple flowers, plus antique hydrangea, leather leaf, dusty miller, and more! Treat yourself to a fun new project with this collection of fresh flowers, a glass of wine, and our exclusive floral design class with an AIFD-certified designer. Not only will you receive access to this class, but you'll also receive all the design tools needed to create something beautiful with these blooms. We send flowers right to your doorstep so you can design from the comfort of your home. Want to share the experience with someone special? No problem! Order flowers for your best friend or family member too, and invite them to design with you. As your creative vision comes to life, give your DIY flowers to a loved one as a gift, or find a special spot to display them in your home. Your guests will be so amazed by your awesome design skills, and you'll never forget the memories that lie behind your special lavender flower arrangement.

Supplies will include:

  • Holly Chapel Abby Compote
  • Holly Chapel Pillow
  • Clear ¼ in tape
  • Glue dots

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